I am the ONE


I am the one who tends and cares for the Soul.

I am the one who brings Spirit to Life.

I am the expression of Creation, creating Herself.

I am the Art of All-Knowing; the Dance of Divine;

Sweet Music in the Moment; and Poetry of Presence.

I am the one who BRINGS LIFE and VOICE to our Universal KNOWING,

Remembering and Igniting our Brilliance, our Beauty, our Being.

I am the ONE expressing the ONE.

I am the ONE expanding the ONE.

I am the ONE emerging from the ONE into the greater ONE.

Embodying the voice as my own, I lose myself in Creation —

and I’m made whole; C O M P L E T E.


Called to BE Conscious

I just spent the weekend with a group of conscious, inspiring women who feel called and committed to BE the change they wish to see in the world.  I have been blessed, beyond measure, to meet many of these women across the country that are stepping up and moving into a new leadership model ready to do their part.  The beautiful thing about this conscious leadership is the exercise of synergetic, integrated (fully feminine) cooperative power.

The leadership I am witnessing breaks the mold on the old paradigm of power-over/power-less relationships.  It changes the dynamic of power, whereas no one has authority over the other.  Women are simply showing up, fully embodied in their own personal passion and purpose, and as self-empowered individuals, doing their part.  There’s no competition.  There’s no win or loose.  There’s no judgment.  And most important, there’s a “piece” for everyone.  Women are acknowledging the value in each other and generously sharing their resources, time and talent for the greatest good of humanity and the earth.   Striving for absolute power as the “lone wolf” is no longer effective.  However, synergetic cooperative power works.

The new model gives space for everyone to be who they are as they honor and value the breadth and depth of diversity.  Reverence for the collective affirms a respect and appreciation for differences.  There’s no motivation to try to change others’ beliefs or behaviors.   In fact, women are genuinely interested in learning from each other as they collaborate around common values and the greater good.  Gone are picket lines separating race, religion, politics, spiritual practice, geography, gender, sexual orientation, and even personality types.  In the new model of conscious leadership there is wisdom in the collective and it is more precious and constructive than preconceived boundaries that fragment and fracture the highly regarded oneness.

Conscious leadership is an integral, collaborative leadership.   Cultivating a united humanity is not a philosophical, idealistic construct; it is a fundamental and essential reality.  Conscious leaders understand that humanity is one and organically join, unite, and coalesce.  Understanding the strength of integration, the new leaders create strategies similar to putting together a puzzle.  All the pieces are important.  All the pieces belong.  And all the pieces are needed.  The simple elegance is that no one needs to do more than his or her part.  One must quietly put his or her piece on the table and be willing to be re-arranged as needed.

This beautiful new movement is reminding humanity that we are not broken.   Brokenness, separation, and isolation are just illusions the mind made up.  We no longer need to spend decades in “self-improvement,” “personal development” or therapy!  There’s no need for, or purpose in, suffering.  It’s time to simply awaken to the truth of our being and knowing.  The old quote says, “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.”   Women are waking up and being spiritual beings having a full, vibrant, authentic spiritual experience, and staying awake while doing so.  We are whole.  We are perfect in our imperfection.  It’s our time to remember and expand into the fullness of who we really are.

This delightful conscious leadership is a calling.  Do you feel called?  Commit to the new wave and allow the irresistible, compelling, and contagious energy sweep you into the abundant love and joy of generosity, respect, unity, and spiritual vitality.  This synergetic cooperative power will move your mountains and rock your soul!