Getting Out of My Head

I haven’t written a traditional blog entry since my accident.  Remember the blog, “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,” where I talked about my freak accident and head injury?  Well, life peeled back another layer that day and almost everything (and no-thing) changed.  The veil between my body and consciousness thinned even more with that event, as I nursed myself back to the real world of life incarnate.   Something shifted.  I brought a deeper, richer, more integrated understanding of ME back to corporal life.  In fact, the individual, ego-based ME, was knocked out of the ballpark.  A soft, content essence of calm knowing was left.  I was less able to be in my head, thinking, and surrendered to a state of total PRESENCE.

Since then, I’ve experienced a creative blast — painting, writing poetry, visioning, and downloading information from the universe daily, like never before.  I am more free-spirited — moving with what presents in the moment and trusting that God and the universe support me.  I am more passionate, sensual, and alive with a boundless imagination.  I am more present.  I am embodying a new consciousness, a divine presence, and integrating all of who I am.  I’m tuned in, able to hear Source more fluently. Sadly, I literally had to get knocked out, and LOOSE CONSCIOUSNESS, to remember who I am in this visceral new way.

So what shifted?  What have I learned?

I used to be “in my head” a lot!  I mean, A LOT!  Yet, I was out of my head and out of my body a lot, too.  I have been a mystic since early childhood.  I’ve had many experiences throughout my life that have, at times, transcended my human understanding, including a near death experience, regular out-of-body experiences, awe-inspiring moments of oneness with all of creation, journeys to other realms, visions, and intuitive gifts.  Some believe those who endure great trauma in life open a portal to the other realms.  If this is true, I get it — my childhood was peppered with adverse experiences and trauma.  Others say that highly creative people live closer to the edge of other realities.  I get that, too.

So when I wasn’t out of my body having profound spiritual and mystical experiences, I was in my head searching for more cosmic insight and trying to figure things out.  I have spent incredible amounts of energy looking for ways to bring the two worlds together.  I’ve exhausted countless hours trying to devise gentle ways to tell those in both religion, and medicine, that they’re missing something.  I’ve consumed years of my career studying and training in Buddhist Psychology, mindfulness, Christian Contemplative Traditions, Centering Prayer, meditation, world religions, energy studies, holistic health, and Mind/Body Medicine.  I was so wrapped up in my head wanting to unlock the mysteries of the universe and help relieve suffering from the illusion of separation, that I, myself, created more of the separation.  Unknowingly, I was fueling a mind/body split, instead of fully embodying consciousness.   Now, I get it!  It’s NOT an either/or deal when it comes to consciousness.  The universe literally had to knock me over the head to wake me up a little more.

Humanity has spent thousands of years “practicing” different paths to enlightenment in the same manner.  We have created a myth that nirvana, or Heaven exists outside of ourselves, and we practiced leaving our bodies (or dying) to get there.   We’ve believed in deities that are separate from ourselves, usually outside the universe, and created illusions of separation from God and our fellow wo/man.  We’ve endured a hunger for the sacred and searched for intellectual answers from teachers, gurus, and drug-induced mystical experiences. We’ve fought over our definitions of “the one true religion” and killed in the name of Allah.  We’ve created Theology by thinking about, and studying, God and we’ve believed the mystics were Saints from long ago or modern day “woo-woo” pagan crazy people.  Yet, we still thirst for a divinity that mirrors more closely an experiential, knowing presence and fail to have language to describe it.

The good news is, we are waking up from the illusions of separation.  We are waking from our perceived dualistic existence.  We are evolving into beings that can fully embody divine consciousness.  It’s a beautiful time to be alive on our planet and witness the evolution of the psyche!  We no longer need to leave our bodies to discover bliss, Nirvana, or God. We can stop searching and dissolve completely into our BEINGness.  It’s time to occupy our bodies more completely – staying present, staying grounded on the earth, and staying connected to Source.  It’s time to remember who we really are and ride the wave of conscious evolution.

So, surrender. Knock yourself silly with bliss. Get out of your head and into your life.  Get out of your “me” and into the knowing.  Allow the veil between you and divine consciousness to thin even more.

Abundant Blessings, Julie


Beautiful Boy

Yesterday, I was driving from Colorado to Nebraska and the song Beautiful Boy by John Lennon came on my playlist.   The sweet voice of Lennon singing, “Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… beautiful boy,” pierced my consciousness and I began to ponder gender roles. I recalled the “beautiful boy” I had the opportunity to share my weekend with.  He had soft strawberry blonde hair, a creamy sweet complexion, and the most magnetic, enchanting blue eyes.   His tender, shy demeanor was captivating as he tried to disappear from attention.   Yet, his icy blue eyes and celestial grin demanded a second and third gaze.  He was a beautiful boy!

Following our timid introduction, the rough and tough wild boys showed up and consumed the time and space.  The sporty, cool elder boy was there to host his cousins and keep the younger lads in check.  And the youngest of the bunch, with his frenetic energy, kept things moving in a fast and furious manner.  There was an abundance of the “stereotypical” rough and tough exuberant boy energy, and yet this beautiful-boy-magic continued to demand my attention.   English poet Robert Southey (1774-1843) wrote, “Frogs and snails, and puppy-dog tails and such are little boys made of.”  He continued by saying girls are made of “Sugar and spice and all things nice.”  When did we create this epic story of gender specific stereotyping and for what purposes, I wondered?  Boys are to be tough.  Girls are to be tender.  Period?

As I continued to gaze into his beautiful-boy-essence with my eyes wide open in amazement and wonder, I felt a calming sense of hope and inspiration.  The world is changing and as the new consciousness emerges, we are wrapped in a nurturing awareness that has room for new definitions, perceptions, and descriptions.  There is room for the masculine and feminine energies to mingle, blend, weave together, and balance in an appealing, aesthetic tapestry of our oneness.   There’s no need to fear.  The shift in consciousness will not stamp out or eradicate either masculine or feminine.  It simply makes room for the true beauty of our wholeness to shine in the fullest expression of our exquisite creation.  We are both puppy-dog-tail rugged with a sugar-and-spice-nice twist.  We are a beautiful blend of both… a curious amalgam of tough and tender.   It is time to embrace the feminine and create a new humanity based on harmonious balance and respect.  In the acceptance of our true nature, we are both the feminine and masculine expression of the divine.  We are beautiful binary beings.  My beautiful boy was not a stereotype or label. His luminous presence of radiant wholeness was mortal perfection in it’s fullest expression.

Thanks for the lesson, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… beautiful boy!