I am the ONE


I am the one who tends and cares for the Soul.

I am the one who brings Spirit to Life.

I am the expression of Creation, creating Herself.

I am the Art of All-Knowing; the Dance of Divine;

Sweet Music in the Moment; and Poetry of Presence.

I am the one who BRINGS LIFE and VOICE to our Universal KNOWING,

Remembering and Igniting our Brilliance, our Beauty, our Being.

I am the ONE expressing the ONE.

I am the ONE expanding the ONE.

I am the ONE emerging from the ONE into the greater ONE.

Embodying the voice as my own, I lose myself in Creation —

and I’m made whole; C O M P L E T E.


ONE is Born

Your soul is calling

Your wild, radical curiosity knows

Go deeper still


Unity is birthing herself

And dissolving all that is

Go deeper into the stillness

Feel the painful rupture

Breaking, burning, and

Bursting into consciousness

Surrender to her whisper

And screams of mortal pain

Bow to the carnage of duality

Dying… Death… Done

Go deeper still


Into the womb of promise

ONE is born


by Julie Krull