Express Your Divinity

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“Nature is full of genius, full of the Divinity;

So that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.”

~Henry David Thoreau



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I woke up this morning and intentionally looked in the mirror.  Aargh!  It wasn’t a pretty sight.

I had a freak accident last night.  I went to the restroom in the middle of the night, fell, and lost consciousness.  I don’t remember the event.  My husband found me on the floor.  The evidence suggests I fell, hit the right side of my head on the edge of the counter (small contusion), and then landed on my left side, hitting a blunt object and splitting the left side of my forehead open.  This bazaar series of events landed me in the E.R., being treated for a concussion and receiving six stitches.

So, looking in the mirror this morning, I lovingly comforted the two inches of tender tissue.  And, with complete acceptance, I intentionally looked myself in the eyes, and affirmed my innate beauty – bumps, bruises, bloody-messed-up hair, and all.  I could do this because I was given a beautiful, incredible gift one week ago.

Last weekend, we went to our new favorite restaurant at the lake.  I looked in the mirror while washing my hands. I hardly ever look up to the mirror – I usually look down at my hands. This is an old habit that was formed after years and years of self-criticism and self-rejection.   I never really looked in the mirror much.  However recently, I have spent considerable time and energy learning to love myself and love myself completely – just the way I am: flaws and all, perfectly imperfect.  I have practiced self-compassion and have learned to re-claim the parts of me I had believed I needed to hide, reject, and try to fix.  Self-compassion is a healing balm; self-love is a magic elixir.  By reclaiming all the parts of me, I fell in love with my body – every wrinkle and age spot, my ankles, hands, thighs, stomach, breasts, my soft curves, every inch!  I learned to respect the service my body plays in fulfilling my divine purpose.  And, now I feel like a newborn infant, playing with her toes and giggling in delight of this thing called a body, a life.  I love myself – all of me.

Back to the incredible gift from last week…  In the restroom of the restaurant, when I was washing my hands, something sacred happened.   You know how you “lock eyes” with someone from across the room? I did that.  When I reached down to wash my hands, my eyes locked on to the eyes of my soul through the mirror, and I had a profoundly beautiful moment.  They say that the eyes are the window to the soul.  I get it.  It’s as if the world had taken a timeout.  Time stood still and the room disappeared.  I was there with “my Self” gazing deep within my own eyes in the mirror.  When the world stopped, a slice of divinity opened for a brief, magical moment. I literally could not move my gaze, as I witnessed “my Self” telling myself how beautiful I was.  The warm gentle exchange was affirming.  I felt a divine presence and relished in this sacred moment.  I experienced the love of being my own “best friend.”  It was as if the self-compassion and self-love clicked into a permanent place of celebration and infinite joy.  I melted and softened even more as I stood gazing in that mirror.  I passed a test, became whole again, and the love for myself, and ALL of who I am, became boundless, limitless, and immeasurable.  It was sacred love.

Today, when I look into the mirror, I am aware of the nice scar that will line my forehead.  I’ll consider it a “battle scar.”  The self-limiting battle of self-criticism and self-rejection is OVER, and I won!  I will wear the mark proudly as I have no room for self-limiting battles, vanity distractions, or ego blocks to divert me from this infinite, sacred love.   I have divine purpose in this life and this experience has opened me to the fullness and greatness of who I am.

My Juicy, Delicious, Sweet and Savory Life

I discovered fasting years ago for “spiritual” reasons. It became a spiritual ritual or routine that lacked the earth-shaking, rich and dynamic “Pow!,” because I spent so much of that time “disembodied.” At the time, I would much rather leave the physical realm and play in the ethers. At other times, I could be found “stuck” in my HEAD. Consequently, three years ago I could not walk a block without physical pain. My physical health was compromised and I was so “out of touch” and disconnected from my body. I spent months tuning in, listening, and learning from my body. I consciously chose to “move back in” and fully EMBODY my body. I went extreme to kick-start the process: 100% organic in and on my body, absolutely NO SUGAR, GLUTEN, CORN, DAIRY, etc. After I took my body back, I began a bi-yearly, ritual “love-my-body” cleanse, and remain gluten and sugar free. Life is so much “richer” and “sweeter” this way for me!

Now when I look at food, I delight in the colors, shapes, and textures.  The different aromas enchant me.  Recipes fascinate me. Great cooking captivates me. I marvel at herbs and spices! I’m mindful of experiencing the love and energy of the food in its natural, beautiful form and I can taste when meals are prepared with love. One of my favorite activities is to chop vegetables. I take pleasure in the energy and vibration of colorful, vibrant, living foods. I have learned so much about my mind, emotions, and spirit by moving back into my body and developing a loving, conscious relationship with my body and food. The gestalt of flavor, texture, temperature, and aroma is spectacular and satisfying in itself.  Life has never tasted so good!

When I feel out of balance, restless, or down, I can often shift the energy quickly, by drinking in life and chewing on the nourishing beauty around me.  If I have a craving, I ask my body what it really needs and it rarely answers food.  Emotions are much easier to assimilate and digest.  I routinely acknowledge what is sweet in my life… or bitter… or rich, pungent, or spicy.  This has been a great practice that has developed mindfulness and a keen awareness of my relationship with food. This new approach has created a peaceful environment where I love my body, delight in food, and savor life.

I invite you to love your body and experience the tantalizing, radiant energy of vibrant, nutritious foods. The restorative value and healing power is abundant and limitless.

ENJOY YOUR…  Juicy… Delectable… Sumptuous… Rich… Velvety… Creamy… Tart… Smooth… Decadent… Luscious… Delicious… Tasty… Melt-in-your-mouth… Sweet… Salty…Tangy… Flavorful… Spicy… Succulent… Mouth-watering… Refreshing… Zesty… Crunchy… Crispy… Sour… Tender… Golden… Light… Appetizing… Scrumptious… Nutritious… Savory… Indulgent… Heavenly… Delish… Pungent… Palatable… Yummy… Finger licking good… Lip-smacking… Exquisite… Divine… Nourishing… Wholesome… LIFE.