Express Your Divinity

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“Nature is full of genius, full of the Divinity;

So that not a snowflake escapes its fashioning hand.”

~Henry David Thoreau



A Beautiful Living Experience of Namaste

I met a Sudanese refugee this week that immigrated to the United States for work.  He is an amazing man.  I’ll call him “Steven.”  Among the many humbling and gracious words he spoke, what shined most is his deep faith in God and enduring love for ALL people.  He said he “vehemently” believes in doing things that “bring greatness” to the lives of others as well as himself.  Steven is thankful to God for granting him many gifts and abilities, especially using them for “doing right things for others.”  This brave and radiant young man gets up every morning with a smile on his face, knowing that God is always with him.

Three powerful themes emerged from my conversation with this migratory, luminous messenger.  From his own words, first, we are not restricted by anybody or anything except our own choices.  Second, a loving gracious God exists and “resides in us, with us, beside us, around us, and among us,” no matter what our race, religious, culture, gender, or life circumstances.  And third, serving the one human body of God and individuals in our local communities can bring abundant JOY!

After meeting this delightful new acquaintance, I headed to our lake house, which is a few miles from a community that has a significant new population of Sudanese and Hispanic immigrants.  I stopped at the local big box “Super Store” for a few grocery items.  When I arrived, I felt different.  As I looked around, I saw “Steven” everywhere.  I walked up and down the aisles and couldn’t get the smile off my face.  I was beaming with the grace-filled lessons of Steven’s love and joy.  My heart was expanded and with each and every immigrant I saw, it grew even more with love, compassion, and joy.   And then, something amazing happened.

As I was gathering my items and looking around, a young Sudanese child made eye contact with me, smiled, and waved.  With surprise, my heart leaped out of my chest and I felt the presence of our shared Divinity and joy.  It felt like a deeply sacred moment.  There were no words between us, just a profound, yet brief surreal connection.  We needed no words.  We saw each other.  I walked off dazed and intoxicated with the lessons of Steven stirring in my heart.

A few minutes later, in the next aisle over a family passed by.  Not paying much attention, I was looking at my list when a young Hispanic girl pulled her hand away from her mom, and shouted loudly to get my attention, “Hi!”.  I made eye contact with her, returned a smile, and said, “Hi!”

Seriously?  Again?  It was as if both kids were reaching out to me to share a soul moment.  I was filled with gratitude.  There was a familiar knowing among us.  Our brief eye contact felt like an eternity of deeper seeing and recognition.  I began to feel a universal oneness with everyone in the super store.  I looked around with gentle compassion and curiosity. What was happening?

When life couldn’t get much sweeter, a third young Caucasian child laying on her daddy’s shoulder, lifted her head just a few feet from mine, grinned from ear to ear, and with the light of recognition in her eyes, greeted me with an adorable and engaging, “Hi!” I was enchanted as I stood soaking in the mystery of this unbelievable experience.

I thank Steven.  His palpable love, joy, and heart for service, created a beautiful resonant field that ignited something in me.  I believe the same gracious God, and Divine spark, which resides within Steven, resides within me, and within all people, including the three children I met at the super store.  Maybe, the three children simply recognized it sooner than I did, and reached out in remembrance to reconnect in a beautiful living experience of Namaste.


[The definition of Namaste (pronounced na, ma, stay) is both a physical gesture and a spoken spiritual salutation, which is the recognition of the divine spirit (or soul) in another by the divine spirit in you.  The word Namaste translates simply to “I bow to the divine in you.”]

(Image found with SCiAF, Scotland’s Aid Agency

Flying High… With my Head in the Clouds

I love to fly.  I feel expansive and free when I’m above the clouds.  I feel “home.” When I fly, my perspective literally changes in more ways than one.  The bird’s-eye-view shifts my perspective and perception of my small mind and body.  I am no longer a resident of my small town in Nebraska, I am home in the ethers; home in the clouds; home over the mountains and oceans and prairies.  As I (my corporal self) become small, the real me expands to even greater states of knowing.  I am connected to all things.  The air I breathe supports the cloud hovering over the fields.  The rhythm of my heart beats in harmony with the symphony of nature unfolding in beautiful time.  And the solar rays – oh how the brilliant light beams whisper directly to my soul.  I open to the new and expand into the mystery, leaving my heavy, dense corporal body and mind in another world.

My vision is not only that of X thousand feet in the air, zipping along the jet stream.  My vision expands beyond the cosmos.  It’s my time to download, connect, and be inspired.  Have you heard the phrase, “she has her head in the clouds?”  When my head is in the clouds I see clearly, I know deeply, and I feel my oneness.  It’s a beautiful meditative state.

We live in a beautiful world and a wonderful time.  If you’re reading this, maybe it’s time to shift your perspective.  Put your head in the clouds, or maybe even stretch your neck and reach far beyond the clouds.  You don’t need an airline ticket to expand your awareness.   You simply need to wake up and choose to stay awake, even when the ride is turbulent and scary.  Stay awake.   Welcome the new perspective when life appears distorted and unfamiliar.  Expanded consciousness only happens when you are fully present in the multi-sensory experience of this moment.  Enlightenment is an action or state of attaining spiritual knowledge.  That action can occur when you are fully present chopping vegetables, folding laundry, or sitting on a plane.  Come fly with me!